Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Social Issues

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in ywca clark county’s summer social!

 We greatly appreciate your generous contributions which helped raise funds to enrich the lives of over 11,000 people in our community.

 Many of you offered your time, and many more of you, your donations, to make the Summer Social a successful event. Both are valuable contributions that helped us raise a total revenue of $70,565 to sustain ywca programs that serve victims of domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse and neglect, oppression, and sexual assault.

 We would also like to extend a special thank you to the following sponsors who made this year’s Summer Social benefit possible: Corwin Beverage Company, Adco Commercial Printing and Graphics, The Vancouver Clinic, The Vancouver Business Journal, The Columbian, Boeing, Foster and Associates, and Kelly Nolan & Jon Scott.

 Thanks for investing in ywca clark county and in our community. With your support, we are a strong organization with a promising future.

Engaging Teens in Domestic Violence Prevention and Education

Since November 2008, Cecily Griffus, LGBTQ Advocacy Specialist at ywca clark county, has been inspired by the critical outreach she does with area teens.

 The SafeChoice Dating Violence Prevention Program provides presentations focused on raising awareness about domestic violence. These interactive educational sessions cover defining the kinds of violence present in our communities, how to recognize the warning signs of violence in personal relationships, and how to understand and break the cycle of violence. Cecily has made 94 presentations (using the comprehensive curriculum from to 17 schools and youth groups, reaching more than 3500 youth.

 “I love interacting with the kids. They are insightful and honest, and some may have already experienced some form of violence, or want to help those in their circles who are experiencing violence. The program’s goal is to equip them with information and resources so they can help others, and help themselves.”

 The flexible curriculum introduces serious and sometimes scary content. Recent statistics state that one in three women will report being abused in some way at some point in their life. Boys and men can also be abused though at a much lower rate. And, men are far less likely to report abuse. But, Cecily always brings group discussions back to the positive. “We talk about how to have healthy relationships, what qualities we want in our partners and friends, and how to help those who want to end violence in their own lives.”

 For more information on the SafeChoice Dating Violence Prevention Program or to schedule a presentation with your group, contact Cecily Griffus, SafeChoice dating violence prevention specialist at ywca clark county, at or 360 906 9146.

 All ywca programs—like the SafeChoice Dating Violence Prevention Program—need community support now more than ever. Please consider donating to the ywca clark county today.