Thursday, December 8, 2011

ywca clark county board of directors welcomes three new members

David Reiter has been with U.S. Trust since 2000. With a background in political science and financial planning and consultation, Reiter brings a valuable skill set to ywca clark county.

Alan Ford is a principal partner with Garrow Equity. His experience in small business ownership, law enforcement, retail management and sales, as well as appreciation for the arts brings ywca a creative eye for detail, organization and systems.

Emily Oliva teaches yoga, and has worked as a construction project manager. She also chairs an annual fundraiser which teaches yoga to underprivileged populations. ywca welcomes Oliva’s project management experience and commitment to the community.

“We’re delighted to add three new members to our board. Each member helps advance our mission in their own, unique way,” said Sherri Bennett, Executive Director of ywca clark county.

The board of directors currently seats 20 individuals from the Clark County area who serve as ambassadors of the organization, and support the mission of ywca clark county through advocacy and policymaking. Kelly Walsh presides over the board which swore in three additional members earlier this year: Don Gladson, Dustin Klinger and Dena Horton. Established board members include Megan Vaughn, Debbie Abraham, Sarah Theberge, Kathy Corwin, Susan LaLone, Greg Kimsey, Cheryl Armstrong, Stacey Graham, Pat Jollota, Kelly Nolen, Cathy Ramer and Kayla Tiano.

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