Monday, November 7, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Nonie Laurine

Nonie reads to children at Y's Care
Reading is the gift Nonie Laurine shares with Y’s Care children on a weekly basis. She commits about 2.5 hours a week to the children of Y’s Care. And, while reading is her primary volunteer duty, Nonie also plays with the children and provides a stable friendship that they can rely on week to week. “I love seeing the growth in the children from when they start the program, to the end of the year. It’s just amazing.”

Y’s Care staff and parents appreciate Nonie’s commitment to the children. Y’s Care director Leah Reitz commented on Nonie’s service after she was nominated by a parent to be recognized in the Volunteer Spotlight, “Nonie is a calm voice in a busy classroom and a watchful set of eyes on the playground. We all look forward to Thursday mornings when Nonie comes in to read, play and work with the children in Y’s Care.”

Nonie didn’t begin her Y’s Care service reading to the children. Eleven years ago, she was the proud parent of a therapy dog whose company and companionship taught lessons on sharing, friendship and responsibility. Her therapy dog had served so many others in the community, and she especially found great joy in sharing his services with the children. The kids at Y’s Care would brush the dog and play with him once a week.

When Nonie retired the dog, she thought her time at Y’s Care was over. But after a year of separation, she found that she really missed the children. “I brought some donations in for back-to-school, and asked if there were other volunteer opportunities,” she said. Leah, Y’s Care director, said they would really love someone to come in and read to the kids. Nonie jumped at the opportunity, “I hope that maybe just sitting with one child and reading to them, they learn the joy of reading and will take that with them for life.”

Personally, Nonie says volunteering for the children gives her a feeling of fulfillment. When they see her walk in the room, the children cheer, “Oh! It’s Nonie Day!”

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