Saturday, February 25, 2017

Decline to Sign on I-1552

by De Stewart

Community wellness and safety depends on us protecting the most vulnerable members of our society, those who experience the highest levels of discrimination. For this reason, Washington state has had anti-discrimination laws in place for over 10 years.

A vocal minority wants to overturn our anti-discrimination laws, claiming people will “pose” as transgender to attack women in public restrooms, yet there has never been a reported instance of this happening. However, there are many documented instances of transgender individuals being bullied
and physically harmed in public restrooms.

It is already illegal to use a public restroom for the purpose of peeping, stalking or sexual assault. YWCA Clark County, Washington State Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence oppose the initiative, stating it will make restrooms less safe for all.

Privacy is another concern. Privacy is important to everyone, and it can be obtained by closing the door to a stall or installing curtains on showers. Opponents of equality prey on fear to justify discrimination against transgender community members; our family members, classmates, friends, and co-workers.

Action: You can reject I-1552 when you sign petitions such as the one at stating that you decline to support any measure that would threaten anti-discrimination laws.

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