Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I just don’t have what it takes to volunteer

Rachel Pinskey, Volunteer with Nichole Peppers, Director of Volunteer Development.

Of course you do! You believe in the mission of YWCA Clark County and you have some skill or another at which you excel, and which you enjoy doing. Now, how do those skills line up with the needs of YWCA?

Did you love learning Spanish in school, then followed up by travelling in Spanish speaking countries, but here in Washington, you have limited opportunities to use your skill? Or, are you a native Spanish speaking individual, who would like to use your native language more?

Here’s a way to use your Spanish to benefit others-- YWCA Clark County has a need for volunteers who can provide Spanish speaking advocacy for victims of domestic violence. You can help victims understand their rights and resources as they navigate through the legal and social services relevant to their particular situations.

Suppose you are really concerned about supporting victims of domestic violence, but only speak English? Good news for you. English speaking volunteers are also needed to answer hotlines, assist with shelter facilities support, and provide information to those in crisis.

Do you like researching things and ideas? Have you ever considered what it might be like to be an investigator? A CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is responsible for advocating for the best interests of a child who is involved in legal proceedings. As part of this responsibility, you will be trained to, and expected to, investigate the facts of the case, and make recommendations to the court system on behalf of the child.

Are you a good listener with daytime availability? As a sexual assault victim and survival advocate, you may help a victim and their family to navigate the medical and legal system, as well as provide ongoing support as they try to put their life back together.

Suppose you really want to volunteer…to do good…but are still a little hesitant? We still need you! Take baby steps.

Apply online by March 30th to make it into the spring training cycle starting April 6th. You can also contact Nichole Peppers, Director of Volunteer Development at 360-906-9112 or for more information.

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