Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 2010 Y's Words

If you’ve ever been inside our Community Office on Main Street, I’m certain you’ve felt the energy and spirit.  Energy and spirit fuels hope.  Hope combined with possibility.  Our energy and spirit are strongest in December.

Many of our program participants come through our doors experiencing some of the most difficult times of their lives.  During the third week of December our building is buzzing with peace, joy, and generosity.

Our Community Room undergoes a spectacular transformation.  In a matter of hours it becomes a holiday shop that will serve hundreds of children, women, and men. During November and December we have numerous gift tags placed throughout Clark County. On the tags are items needed by our program participants (or in the case of children, toys that are desperately wanted).  As a result we have unwrapped gifts arriving daily for our program participants in need. The holiday shop allows parents to choose new gifts or “shop” for their children at no cost.

During our shopping days the building is filled with volunteer “elves” helping to make the experience memorable.  From baking cookies in the kitchen to staffing the wrapping station, everyone has an important role to play. For a while, however brief it may be, all can take a respite from the difficult circumstances that brought them here. Program participants leave with great gifts and most importantly renewed energy and spirit.

I am inspired by the hope and possibility that I see, hear, and feel all through December and everyday here at ywca clark county. May your support and generosity of ywca renew your spirit with hope and possibility.

Happy Holidays,

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