Tuesday, November 30, 2010

partner spotlight: Wells Fargo

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon eight volunteers from Wells Fargo arrived with shovels and wheelbarrows in hand to help give the Y’s Care play area a much-needed facelift.

Y’s Care children were thrilled to return to daycare on Monday and find their sandbox filled to the brim with clean sand and the playground enhanced with bright bark chips.

Y’s Care, a ywca program for more than 20 years, serves a vulnerable population of 2 ½ to 5 year olds and focuses on kindergarten readiness and social skills.

While the Y’s Care outdoor playground had some desirable qualities, the goal is to ultimately turn it into a more naturalistic play area, an outdoor classroom that encourages authentic play with a wide variety of natural materials to explore. Studies have shown that connecting children with nature has numerous benefits. This is where Wells Fargo kindly stepped in with a grant and volunteers to make the project a reality.

In just under three hours the volunteer team was able to transport three yards of white beach sand into the sand box and distribute four yards of bark chips around the playground. Wells Fargo’s gift of time, talent, and treasure transformed the Y’s Care Children’s Program’s outdoor play area.

In the spring bamboo fencing will be placed around play area to cover up the chain link fence and complete the naturalistic setting.

Projects like the playground refresh would not be possible without the tremendous support of our community partners and volunteers. Thank you!

For more information on volunteer opportunities please visit ywcaclarkcounty.org or call 360 696 0167.

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