Monday, May 7, 2012

Y's Words May 2012

Support.  It’s a wonderful thing to give and receive.  In this month’s newsletter you’ll find inspiring stories and articles regarding our volunteers, community members, and donors and their efforts to support our organization and ultimately our mission.

This season we are hoping to “grow the future” with our spring campaign.  By supporting the Y’s Care Children’s Program and our six other programs you are planting priceless “seeds” for our community’s future.

We have more individuals in our community helping to create social change than we can count, let alone encounter.  The Val Joshua Racial Justice and the Youth Social Justice Awards are two ways you can help us recognize the amazing social change efforts occurring in Clark County.  Be sure to read the article highlighting these two awards so you can nominate a deserving individual and/or group. Applications are due May 31st, 2012.

Bob and Phyllis Burger have been volunteering at our SafeChoice Domestic Violence Shelter since 2007.  In addition to spending several hours per week at the shelter, it’s not uncommon for Phyllis to attend workshops and events pertaining to eliminating racism and empowering women.  They lead by example which helps advance our mission in the best possible way.

The Young Women of Achievement Award winners were recognized this past Sunday for their leadership and volunteer efforts in their schools and their community. Learn more about these amazing young women in the following article.

YWCA Clark County is a pro-choice organization.  We strive to model choice and empowerment in many ways.  We believe in supporting and empowering women to be able to make decisions about their own bodies and lives.  YWCA has updated our reproductive rights policy statement.

We were fortunate to be able to participate once again in the Classic Wines Auction.  Due to the collective efforts of the Classic Wines Auction board and staff, generous sponsors and donors, three Portland area non-profits, and YWCA Clark County board and staff we will receive…$350,000!  This month you’ll find out how and why we became involved.

Strong Alone.  Fearless Together.


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