Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November 2012 Y's Words

So many exciting things are happening here at YWCA Clark County!

October 2012 Domestic Violence Awareness Month (otherwise known as DVAM) was a huge success. I was inspired by the numerous survivors who spoke up and out about their own experiences with domestic violence. Many of whom received services from SafeChoice. We are making a difference!

We strive for our internships to be a “win” for all involved. Marty Josephson’s contributions as an intern are helping us become a more organized and efficient organization. Perhaps interning at YWCA is a good choice for you.

In 2013, we will mark the 5th Anniversary of partnership with the Classic Wines Auction. This is a unique partnership that involves four other charities. Collectively, our efforts help raise millions of dollars each year to support local nonprofits. Contributions received from the auction have been crucial in our ability to weather the recession.

Strong Women are witty, wise, and really good at weight-lifting! This is a no cost fitness program for staff and volunteers started by Kathi Wiley-Gladson. One participant summed up this group really well, “I came for the fitness; I stayed for the laughter”.

You can brighten a child’s future and give hope to families and teens this holiday season. In this issue of Our Voice you will learn how your donation can make an immediate difference in the lives of the women, children, and families we serve.

In six days our ballots are due. YWCA Clark County endorses Referendum 74 and urges you to do the same this November. Referendum 74 recognizes our friends, neighbors and co-workers have equal rights in all aspects of life, including, marriage in Washington State.

Strong Alone. Fearless Together.

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