Friday, January 4, 2013

Partners in Healing

By Rick Sievers

YWCA Clark County is offering a five week group for men who are a partner or spouse of someone who has experienced sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse. The group meets weekly from January through February 2013 and is offered at no charge.  Space is limited. Please call the number below to see if this group would be right for you.

Laurie Schacht, Interim Director of Sexual Assault Program, and Rick Sievers, Volunteer Advocate in the Sexual Assault Program,  will co facilitate a group for men who wish to learn more about supporting their partner who has survived sexual assault.

Questions we will address in the group include:

  • How do you remain present and solid for a partner in crisis?
  • What are the issues that affect men in our society when facing the difficult reality of a loved one’s past sexual abuse?
  • How do we support and empathize without losing our own sense of balance and compassion?
  • What can you do with anger or grief caused by the events that have so hurt your loved one?

Our approach will be both educational and supportive. The leaders of the group are not the experts on realities of your life. We will offer ideas and facilitate insights from the great wisdom that a group of men have to offer one another. This is not a therapy group. Our approach will be both educational and supportive. Skill building and respectful witnessing of each other’s process will be explored.

This is not a group to get lost in the details of our partner’s stories. In fact, out of respect, it will not be a place to tell a partner’s story at all. Instead, we will co create a process which builds a sense of personal empowerment and a better understanding of the effects of sexual assault. We hope that the end result will be that participants will have a little more peace of mind and a little more compassion for themselves and their partner.

If this group sounds like it could aid your marriage or partnership, please contact Laurie at 360 906 9116 or You can also view or print a flyer here.

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