Monday, January 19, 2015

January Program Highlights

Independent Living Skills participants celebrated the holidays with a fantastic holiday party on December 16th. Thanks to all those that attended, and congratulations to the winners of the extreme-speed-coloring contest! ILS is gearing up for financial aid season! We will be working on scholarship and financial aid applications with an emphasis on scholarships specifically for foster youth, like The Governor’s Scholarship.

The CASA Program is proud of the 161 community volunteers who are currently committed to representing the voices of 357 children in our county child welfare system. Help to ensure that the 260 remaining children without a CASA, can have a volunteer appointed to them in 2015. CASA’s winter training will begin on January 8, 2015. To learn how to become a CASA volunteer, visit or contact Nichole Peppers at 360-906-9112 or

The Sexual Assault Program has a great need for volunteers to provide support for victims/survivors of sexual assault. YWCA offers comprehensive training and a network of support staff and resources. Application and pre-registration for winter training is required. Apply online at, and contact Nichole at 306-906-9112 or to pre-register. We’re also looking forward to the NoMore Summit on January 17th and are eagarly planning our own awareness events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April.

The SafeChoice Program is in need of donations to further update it’s shelter facilities. Residents escaping violence and defining personal goals need a new computer to research employment opportunities, and to complete homework. Please contact Misty Cumbie, Family Resource Coordinator at 360-448-6930 to donate a computer, bed mattresses, curtains, unexpired infant formula, interior paint, chairs, books, games and art supplies. .

The children of Y’s Care were honored guests at Beaches for a Holiday Lunch and visit with Santa and his elves. Thank you Beaches for a wonderful visit! Y’s Care staff and parents are finding that the child-centered approach to learning is a success. Y’s Care is currently seeking grants to complete the outdoor classroom, and to upgrade kitchen appliances to meet current needs of the classroom.

The Women Offenders Rehabilitation, Training, and Help (WORTH) Program is now managed by Second Step Housing. Once a part of YWCA Clark County, Second Step Housing is now responsible for the growth and operations of the WORTH Program. Second Step Housing currently provides empowerment based services to women, men, and families who have been affected by incarceration as well as homelessness. The pairing of the WORTH program with Second Step Housing ensures these at-risk populations continue to receive positive and long-lasting services.

Social change starts with one voice but requires the efforts of many. Through the years, YWCA Clark County has expanded and refined social change efforts with the assistance of its Directors of Social Change. As of January 1st, 2015, social change directives will be shared with the dedicated program directors, staff, and volunteers of each program. In addition to increasing the positive impact of our organization on the broader community, this strategic decision helps us move towards the sustainable growth of all current and future programs and initiatives.

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