Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reaching Out, Online

At YWCA, we pride ourselves on diversity and innovation. That’s why we’re taking new measures to expand our social media reach. This year, you can expect two significant changes in the way we utilize social media.

First, we will be updating our website. The fresh new look is clean and organized for a user-friendly experience. New sections include Fresh@YW, Empower Yourself, a Partnerships page and a Media section. Fresh@YW contains a real-time feed of YWCA news from across the nation. Empower Yourself offers a direct link to resources for people in need. The Partnership page celebrates the numerous corporate and nonprofit partnerships that support our mission. And the media section offers immediate resources to help address inquiries at any time of the day.

Secondly, we’ll be moving from a bi-monthly e-newsletter to a weekly blog. The blog will allow for more timely reporting on current happenings and news. You will be able to sign up to receive blog updates directly to your email or RSS feeder. Quarterly, we’ll release an e-newsletter that covers top stories from the last 3 months.

We continue to utilize Facebook and Twitter for most daily announcements, but you can also find us on Pinterest, Vimeo and YouTube! Thanks to our solid network of volunteers, donors and fans, we’ve exceeded 1000 likes on our Facebook page. If you’re happy with our quality of content, and want to help YWCA thrive, feel welcome to share, comment and like our posts. And, if you find something worth sharing, post it on our page! We may even re-post it directly to our feed for better coverage.

Our new blog and website will further our reach on the Internet and in social media, expanding and empowering the YWCA community with tools and resources needed to succeed. Look for the new website coming this spring, and for a blog announcement and subscription link coming soon.


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