Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Y's Words July 2012

Be the Change. This is what we strive to do every day at YWCA Clark County. We are fortunate to have many supporters who also strive to be the change. Those supporters include volunteers, community members, and local associations and foundations.

June 26th was an evening to be inspired. The spotlight shown on the Val Joshua Racial Justice Award winners and the Youth Social Justice Award winner. The recipients were honored and celebrated at our third annual Social Change Celebration event. The event was diverse, inclusive, and fun!

Volunteer Blayne Amson has become such a fixture at our community office, it’s hard to remember a time that he wasn’t here. He has made a huge impact on our program participants and staff. We are very fortunate he is a member of our YWCA community.

The Community Foundation for Southwest Washington continues to support us in helping change lives in Clark County. The Sexual Assault Program was awarded $10,000 to provide life saving services to victims/survivors of sexual assault.

We would not be able to work toward eliminating racism and empowering women without the backing of our community members. This newsletter will provide you with information on “third-party” fundraisers.  Being the change and throwing a party do not have to be separate and distinct.

We are pleased to be working with YWCAs from around the state on public policy issues. The Firesteel website is focused on statewide policy efforts. By collaborating, YWCAs in Washington State have a much stronger voice. It’s another effort that helps us be “fearless together”.

Cheers to becoming the change this summer!


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